Thoughts about ideal phone.

Here I decide to release some thoughts about my ideal smartphone.
First question going to be what I am looking for in the phone. After short research I found that mostly I am going to use WiFi. Because WiFi is almost everywhere so I am looking forward to use free WiFi as well as my WiFi connection at home. Second thing what I am looking for is good carrier and good rates and as a bonus I am expect to get touch screen in my ideal phone.
Ok let's start research, what are options out there. I am giveup on Windows Mobile phones, windows just does not work for me at all, I useto use WM phone few years ago, and it was just awful as a phone too slow too buggy. I really see just few options for smartphone iPhone, Android phone and probably BlackBerry.
Let's check out what is available for AT&T because I am really like this carrier and whant to stay on it even though I am using GoPhone I think it is pretty good carrier.
Let's make a match we have iPhone and BlackBerry available on AT&T, but here is a catch you have to buy either Unlimited data or BlackBerry data plans in addition to your phone plan.
Hmmm I am really think that paying 30$ for services which I am not really need is throwing your money away and from other side paying real price(without contract) for such phones is also throwing your money away.
So finnaly I can make next conclusions, I am really looking forward to Android phone for AT&T, but seriously while they've got iPhone very well selling they will not bring Android phone on the market, but according some news, they has upcoming Android, so we'll see if they will require data plan in addition to phone plan for that phone I will be finally disapointed.


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