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New life with an old friend aka new firmware for Samsung Captivate.

Once upon a time I use to pull out some old device from an old box in attempt to bring new life into it. This time it happens with my old Samsung Captivate. Especially in a sense of upcoming trip and with carriers changing their unlock policies after Library of Congress decided one thing and then FCC made a "deal" with them, but all of that deserves it's own blog entry. Long story short AT&T declined request to unlock phone prior to contract expiration. So I turned my sight to an morally old Samsung Captivate, and surely after using Jelly Beans for several years I didn't want to settle with Ginger Bread official version installed on Captivate. So I went on a journey of what can I do to get a latest and greatest for it. I've been following project called CynogenMod for a while now and finally decided to try installing it. I went to their site to check their status on support for Captivate and surprisingly they supported it, in fact they had Jelly Bean equival