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Preferred way of commnnunication

It's all started few days ago when I overheard a conversation of two guys where one was complaining about how expensive to send and receive SMS messages on his ages old unlimited plan from one of the leading cellular providers and how would it make his life easier if people would use chat app to reach out to him. At that point I thought to my self, he is right, it's all different, we are all different! Why can't I set a preference for each contact in my miles long contact list and when I hit chat it will bring chat app preferred by that person, whether it's SMS or WhatsApp or any other app, and when I hit call once again it will call that person on his/her preferred phone app, whether it's VOIP apps like Viber or just a regular phone app. Those two simple actions could simplify user experience as different users could have a different preferences for communication. Something like this: All of that led to a creation of PreferredWay open source application for ph