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What would I do...

Recently I read about BlackBerry and it all reminded me of Nokia and it's path to their place on market today. Today people saying that with current CEO being replaced with interim person(or maybe not), that new CEO is going to be on suicidal mission to get BlackBerry back on track. While that mission sounds almost impossible I think that company still has not lost all of it's potential and with a right person in charge could become strong company again. So I thought to myself: "What would I do if I was BlackBerry's CEO?". For the last several years BlackBerry was lacking behind on a hardware part up to the point where their phone would be dead years before it's released. Unfortunately for them technologies on mobile market were going at the pace of  PC's market back in 90th. They clearly lost place on the market, and there is no reason for them to keep that part of their business. It might be cheaper to design one phone from the parts available on the m