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HP DV7 out of box.

I'd like when everything work out of box, but I don`t like WIndows, once I've tried Linux I've love it, especially Ubuntu. But as usually in linux it takes a lot of time to start. Let's see what we have, ok choices: - Ubuntu 8.10 64Bit - Ubuntu 8.10 32Bit - Ubuntu 8.04 32Bit - Ubuntu 8.04 64Bit(I just forget about that release, and actually didn't tried yet) There is a common problem for all this distributives, if you ran Windows Vista(by default with that laptop) even one time it will made some changes(switches) in your network adapter and then wired network adapter didn't work out of box in Ubuntu. But wired network fix I will describe later. My goal is found most working Ubuntu out of box, and then tweak it. Let's start from 8.10 64 bit. After installation I'll get working system(as usual in Ubuntu case), everything works, but there are a lot of issues with that version: - biggest issue is a lot of software still not working properly, or just don`t ha

HP Pavilion DV7-1135nr

I bought brand new laptop(see subject for details). And my goal get everything running there with Ubuntu. And probably through this blog I will try to describe how much successfully I am in reaching my goals. Non tech list of devices: 17" LCD screen + video card Network: wired/wi-fi DVD-RW LightScribe Web camera Microphone Nice sensor buttons on the top (sound/player manipulation/wi-fi on-off) Touch pad + keyboard Card reader (SD/MSPro/MMC/xD) Ports(eSATA / HDMI/ VGA/ Expansion port 3) Remote control Tech specs: AMD Turion X2 64Bit 4Gb RAM ATI Radeon 3200 (built in with 256 dedicated RAM) 250 Gb HDD Lightscribe DVD-RW 100/1000 Mbit Ethernet Wi-Fi Lets start configuring everything.