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Hardware vs software in one ecosystem.

Lately I've started to get irritation from what is going on with Android ecosystem. Don't get me wrong, I love Android OS and ecosystem around it and it's openness in fact I see it as main target for my new business venture IonTraker , however just as user there are a lot of things which I can not stand, like phone makers who don't really bother to update OS for example. When it all started Google needed to get hardware vendors on board, so they gave a lot of lea way to them and that actually what I think is killing ecosystem today. Think about it, on a daily basis I see new phones coming out from a different hardware vendors, for them it is a race for money. They are supported by big carriers to whom it a business sell us new devices and sooner you update your phone the more money they will make on it. All of them burning a lot of advertisement dollars trying to prove that 13 MP camera is 20 times better than 12.5 MP or that 1.5Ghz processor in their new phone 100 tim