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Skills for the workforce of the future.

In today’s world, we use a lot of software, whether that's small apps on our smartphone or an enterprise level applications we work with on a daily basis. Upon every usage, a person will find negative and positive sides of that software product. Using that many applications on a daily basis give users an ability to compare those, and that way person would build a perception of how good that product is. As a user I feel like there is really hard to find quality in any technology products today, whether it’s software or hardware, or maybe not even technology product. Hardware products at least guarded by some warranty, so that’s sort of confirmation from a manufacturer that they will replace the product for users free of charge during that period. However software vendors does not give their users any warranty, in other words, they can’t guaranty that their product will work at all. With the complexity of software growing every day and becoming an essential piece of self-driving cars