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Do You Even Agile, Bro!?

Today I'd like to touch on the subject of agile software development. I've been working in the software development industry for almost two decades and as I moved through my career agile software development was gaining popularity, up to the point where it became just a buzzword for many companies. Let's start with little bit of a history. In the early part my professional career, back in 2001, a world away from my development roots in Belarus, a few developers got together at a resort in Utah and published the  Manifesto for AgileSoftware Development . Concepts contained in that paper were considered a revolutionary ideas and initially mostly rejected by those who in those dark ages followed the "waterfall" process as the most popular approach to software development. The waterfall approach began with extensive research from which specifications were created. Only then was it permitted that the work of writing code could begin based on those specification