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Thoughts about ideal phone.

Here I decide to release some thoughts about my ideal smartphone. First question going to be what I am looking for in the phone. After short research I found that mostly I am going to use WiFi. Because WiFi is almost everywhere so I am looking forward to use free WiFi as well as my WiFi connection at home. Second thing what I am looking for is good carrier and good rates and as a bonus I am expect to get touch screen in my ideal phone. Ok let's start research, what are options out there. I am giveup on Windows Mobile phones, windows just does not work for me at all, I useto use WM phone few years ago, and it was just awful as a phone too slow too buggy. I really see just few options for smartphone iPhone, Android phone and probably BlackBerry. Let's check out what is available for AT&T because I am really like this carrier and whant to stay on it even though I am using GoPhone I think it is pretty good carrier. Let's make a match we have iPhone and BlackBerry available