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Cost of automation

Today I've got frustrated with sync on Chrome, for some reasons it was not adding new app links that I have created on a different computer. I thought what's the big deal, there should be a sync now button, apparently there is none.  You are forced to rely on automated process to figure out when it's convenient time to sync. Question which comes to my mind first what if such process fails, what am I going to do. Looks like the only way to force it is to logout and then log back in, keeping your fingers crossed and hoping that it will work. Next thing which came to my mind was: wait a minute, that's the same company which builds self driven cars.  So I am guessing that those car won't have any manual controls either, and when something fails...  well wish us luck. Don't get me wrong I am all for automation and innovations, however there is gotta be a fall back to manual mode just in case something went wrong. So at the end of the day I got exactly the same res